It’s D-DAY.  Today is the day that changes the course of history. Either America elects it’s first female President, or it elects the most divisive and questionable president ever.

I genuinely don’t understand the hate for Hillary Clinton.   She’s like any other politician as far as I am concerned, they all have skeletons, they all do back-room deals, they are all war mongers, they all have something to hide. She happens to be a woman. She happens to have been ambitious, she happen’s to have been a first lady with opinions and a mission.

Do I think that her campaign played a very very dirty game to ensure her nomination when it looked like Bernie Sanders could have stolen it from her. Yes. Do I like it? No.  It doesn’t sit right. It feels like they knew she could loose and they cheated to ensure she would win.

Has she said some questionable racist things in the past? Yes, but let’s be honest, what white American politician hasn’t and at least she’s apologized.

And then there is Trump. That’s all I will say. There is Trump.He’s not even worth another sentence.

Here’s hoping America does the right thing!  A toast to the first female president of the United States!


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