The Caregiver’s Chronicles

Empowering caregivers in the Jane and Finch community

Calling all incredible caregivers in the Jane and Finch Community who have experienced violence. Your strength, your story, and your well-being matter. It’s time to invest in YOU and join our transformative initiative.

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A podcast for all those socially conscious moms .


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Welcome to Woke Mommy Chatter

Where the Black Motherhood Journey Shines Bright

At Woke Mommy Chatter, we believe that the Black motherhood journey is a beautiful tapestry of strength, resilience, and love. Our mission is to provide a nurturing and empowering space for Black mothers and caregivers raising racialized children. We are dedicated to fostering a community of support, understanding, and enlightenment throughout this incredible journey. This is a window into our world. A support for our journey and a collection of our stories, told by us, for us.

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A podcast for all those socially conscious moms . Each week we’ll be discussing topics ranging from making mom friends to black lives matter. This is real talk about social issues, black and brown lives, black hair, relationships, mommy’ing toddlers and kids of all ages, and all the fun that comes with motherhood… all discussed with a twist of color.